In the Plaintiff Attorney realm, Catastrophic Personal Injury (CPI) Cases are the strong suit of Nurse Paralegal USA.  Specifically, the focus is on providing a “Life History” of your CPI client as a PERSON – validating, through the medical records, the life they had, what their CPI entailed, the way that CPI is now affecting their life and what long term ramifications are likely to remain.  All this provides you a COMPLETE “person” picture in order to maximize damages for your CPI client.

In the Defense Attorney arena, Medical Malpractice is the strong suit of Nurse Paralegal USA.  Your Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) searches for potential alternative causation and researches pre-existing accident, fall and medical conditions.  They review appropriate care protocol, conduct literature searches and do it all within a highly detailed “whole person” and “complete situation” framework.

For Insurance Companies – Your Nurse Paralegal USA case manager coordinates your client’s medical care, emphasizing the IMMEDIATE post injury care through to case settlement or end of required treatment – often involving a 6 months to 2 years commitment.  You get aggressive case management with the goal of providing quality, cost effective medical care for the insured. This effective coordination of all aspects of care enhances prompt restoration of function to the injured worker.

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